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Author: Sarah Weathers

Good basic sauna

  • Review Add on: 12/01/2024
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I wasn't looking for a lot of bell and whistles and didnt want to spend a lot of money on a sauna just for more so I got this model. It can in 2 boxes and was easy for my husband and son to put together. It took less than an hour. I plugged it in and was enjoying it 20 minutes later. I've had it about 6 months now and it is still working great. I think its a good choice for someone that just wants a good basic sauna for one or two people.

Author: susan ventura

Negative experience

  • Review Add on: 30/10/2023
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Had the worse experience with this brand. Electric unit broke after about 5 uses and company acknowledged they had some issues with the heater units and promised two different times to ship us a replacement part but received nothing from them. Now I am stuck with a very pretty wood box on my deck that's useless and rental guest are no happy that I advertised it and it doesn't even work.

Author: Bryce P

Heathrow sauna

  • Review Add on: 25/07/2023
  • Average Rating:

Wasn't sure what to expect buy boy this thing has been great. I started using mine in Jan and I work with heavy equipment outside. daily. Couldn't wait to get home to literally warm my bones. Still using just as much in summer as trying to get to gym more and using for soreness and general aches and pains. great sauna.

Author: Teagan Worley

Thumbs up

  • Review Add on: 22/12/2022
  • Average Rating:

Love it, love it. Easy to put together we used furniture sliders before we put it together so we were able to position with ease, highly recommend!

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