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Rockledge 2-Person Luxury Indoor Traditional Sauna with 4.5kW Harvia Heater

  • 4.5kW Heater 
  • Cultured Stone Interior
  • Stainless Steel Handle
  • Thermo Hygrometer
  • Water Bucket w/ Ladle
  • Wooden Stove Frame
  • Tempered Glass
  • Ergonomic Backrest
  • 220V/30 Amps
  • Ventilation System
  • ETL Safety System
  • 7 Year Warranty

Dimensions: 59" x 42" x 75"

Exterior Product Dimensions

Exterior Height: 75

Exterior Width: 59

Exterior Depth: 42

Interior Product  Dimensions

Interior Height: 69

Interior Width: 54

Interior Depth: 38

Product Weight: 601

220V, 30 AMP Dedicated Outlet Required

4500 Watts

The Rockledge traditional indoor sauna combines rich hardwood's sturdiness with cultured stone's elegance and beauty. This luxury 2-person traditional sauna features a 4.5 kW Harvia heater with digital controls, ergonomic seating with a backrest, stereo system w/MP3, LED star lighting and more. Relax in comfort and style and enjoy the Rockledge traditional sauna's many health benefits.

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Also see NIH reference: Sauna as a valuable clinical tool for cardiovascular, autoimmune, toxicant-induced, and other chronic health problems.
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Indoor traditional saunas require a dedicated 240V circuit in order to accommodate the high heat output of the heater. Please reference the product specification sheet to determine the specific requirements for your sauna.
Indoor traditional saunas are equipped with an air vent in the ceiling. This air vent is designed to help circulate heat throughout the sauna during the heat up phase and to allow moisture to leave the sauna if you are adding humidity and using it as a steam sauna. The sauna cabin air vent also allows you to lower the sauna temperature without opening the door if the temperature inside the sauna becomes too hot.
Our indoor traditional saunas have a maximum operating temperature of 170 degrees Fahrenheit. The normal operating range is 160-170 degrees Fahrenheit.
All traditional saunas are shipped via truck freight with curbside and lift-gate delivery service unless otherwise specified. Our traditional saunas and steam saunas are shipped on a wooden pallet with removable bracing to protect the sauna boxes. Please contact us if you have special requirements for delivery. The trucking company will call you to schedule a delivery appointment.
All home saunas carry a 7-year structural warranty and 1-year parts warranty. All home sauna parts including electronic parts and the electric heater are guaranteed for 1-year against defects.
Indoor traditional saunas for the home come with a power cord attached to the heater. The power cord does not have a plug. It is designed to be hard-wired into a junction box or you can put a plug on the end of the power cord. Please note that the power requirements differ by sauna model. Consult your traditional sauna user manual for the specific power requirements.
An indoor traditional sauna is easily assembled by two adults. The typical assembly time is 1 hour. No special tools are required for the sauna to be assembled.
We allow returns of non-clearance saunas within 90 days of receipt of purchase if the home sauna kit is in new and resalable condition. The original and return shipping cost will be deducted from the refund. Traditional home sauna kits that are returned with damage or not in new and resalable condition will incur a 15% inspection and restock fee.
Your home sauna should be cleaned a minimum of every 3-4 months or more frequently depending on usage. To clean the interior of your home sauna, use a mixture of baking soda and water (3 teaspoons baking soda to 1 gallon of warm water). Using a clean towel, wipe down the interior of the sauna focusing on where sweat accumulates. Let the area dry with the sauna door open. Use a standard ammonia-based glass cleaner to clean the sauna doors and windows.
SunRay traditional sauna cabins are constructed from Hemlock or Cedar wood which is imported from Canada. Our manufacturing facility is in China. Our distribution facility is in the United States. All warranty claims are handled by SunRay Saunas based in Richmond, VA.
On each sauna product page of our website, there is a specification sheet you can download. The specification sheet will provide you with all the details of the home sauna kit including the power requirements.
Our indoor traditional saunas are not rated for outdoor use. They have an open top that is not protected from the elements. If you place the indoor sauna outdoors, it must be covered and protected from the elements. Indoor saunas that are placed outdoors will not be covered under our sauna warranty.
The average heating time for traditional home saunas ranges between 30-45 minutes depending on the room temperature, size of the sauna and the heater type.
You need at least 3-4 inches between the top of the home sauna and the ceiling. This allows the electrical components on the top of the sauna to receive the appropriate amount of air flow.
Our indoor traditional saunas come with heater stones that set on top of the heater elements. The heater stones are used to help radiate heat throughout the sauna and can be used to create humidity inside the sauna. DO NOT pour excess water on the heater stones as it will cause damage to the heater. To create humidity in the sauna, simply drizzle a small amount of water over the stones once they are hot.
All indoor traditional saunas are equipped with either a wall mounting bracket or cradle for the heater to sit it. DO NOT place the sauna heater directly on the floor as it could become a fire hazard. The sauna must be elevated off the floor to create air flow through the heating elements.
All indoor traditional saunas come with ambient dome lighting. Saunas with dome lighting can be connected to the heater so that the light turns off when the heater turns off. Alternatively, you can wire the lighting separately on its own switch. Consult your sauna heating wiring guide for instructions on how to wire your sauna light into the heater.
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Q: Power supply

The cord coming from the power supply box only has a hot, neutral and a ground. To operate on 120v, but the coils are not heating up past 85 degrees.

A: The sauna only heating to 85 degrees means its only getting 120V. The white wire is a hot wire, not a neutral. Hook up the white wire as a hot wire and it will work properly.

Q: Sauna Installation

Hi, I am thinking of buying this sauna for our second l floor bag bathroom. Is there anything we should do to walls, floors ceiling to prep for the sauna insulation? Special insulation, venting etc. what plug does the sauna use and on which side is it ?

A: This indoor sauna does not require any additional ventilation. It does a roof vent. It has a 240V power cord that comes out of the ceiling on the back left.

Q: temp

How hot does this sauna go and is there a thermostat to get it to a certain temperature?

A: This home sauna gets up to 170 degrees Farenheit.

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