Affiliate Program

The SunRay Saunas Affiliate Program allows participants to purchase SunRay products at a significant discount in return for co-marketing SunRay products within their business. The Affiliate Program is perfect for Day Spas, Salons, Fitness Centers, Yoga Studios and other health and beauty service providers who offer infrared sauna sessions to their clients.

Program Highlights

  • Program participants can purchase an infrared sauna for use at their business at a fraction of the normal cost.
  • Participants are required to place an 8.5”x11” advertising placard on the sauna promoting the SunRay brand.
  • Participants will receive special sauna discounts for their customers and employees.
  • SunRay will provide co-marketing product brochures for the business staff to provide prospective customers at no charge.
  • Business staff receive commissions, discounts and other incentives for sauna sales.

For more information on the Affiliate Program please contact us at, call 800.976.5530, or fill out our contact form here.